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The Virtual DOM is a service designed to fulfill the needs of aircraft operators who do not employ an aircraft maintenance manager.  As part of a routine service, The Virtual DOM will analyze your CMP status and perform projections for planning and budgetary measures.  Additionally, The Virtual DOM  will ensure your aircraft is in compliance with applicable Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins and Due List items.  With this information, The Virtual DOM will assist in scheduling the necessary maintenance to be performed and provide downtime estimates, plus submit requests for quotes and negotiate with vendors.  Lastly, The Virtual DOM will update your records when work is completed and audit invoices for accuracy.

  • Monitor CMP Due List

  • Ensure AD Compliance

  • Update Hours & Cycles

  • Update CMP Records 

  • Validate downtime estimates

  • Assist in scheduling downtime

  • Submit requests for quotes

  • Negotiate with vendors

  • Audit invoices

  • Analyze CMP Due List

  • Provide budgetary projections

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