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CONTACT:  Colin Poe

Colin has a unique depth of knowledge having been deeply involved in all matters of aircraft maintenance, repair station management, corporate flight departments and air carrier operations.  In a career spanning 25+ years, he’s learned failure is never an option and focuses on finding solutions rather than problems.  His understanding of aircraft operating systems affords him the ability to ask the right questions and execute superior troubleshooting skills to accurately diagnose, affect repairs and return to service. 


Colin holds an FAA Airframe and Powerplant license with Inspection Authorization.  Colin’s experience covers the entire large cabin Gulfstream fleet.  He has completed formal maintenance training on GII, GIII, GIV, GV, G450 & G550 aircraft as well as various engine types and avionics systems.


Resume and references available upon request.


Let Colin help you with your aircraft maintenance considerations by tailoring his services to meet your specific needs. Contact him today.


Tele:      +1 610 653 8573


Skype:  colinbpoe

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