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AOG Support

Problems happen at the worst times, so when your AOG and need help, it’s good to have someone you trust there to support you.  A pilot may not have the tools necessary to source maintenance assistance or coordinate the logistics.  Sometimes, a second opinion is needed if the support available isn’t intimately knowledgeable about your specific aircraft model.  The Virtual DOM will get support personnel heading your way quickly and have you back in the air ASAP'.  

Shop Visits

As your on-site representative, The Virtual DOM will monitor and advise you every step of the way.  From contract review and adherence to work scope approvals, flight check, engine runs and boroscopes, records review, airframe inspections, squawk approvals, fit and finish, and ultimately acceptance and delivery.  No matter if it's green completions or refurbishment, major inspections or a Pre-Purchace Evaluation (PPE), having professional maintenance representation on site will protect your position.   

Cost Analysis

Let The Virtual DOM evaluate your current maintenance budget and operational demands to potentially find cost savings and benefits you may be missing or haven't considered. Achieving a more stable and predictable maintenance budget will provide you with confidence and peace of mind.


Service Contracts

Choosing the right service contract(s) for your aircraft, engines and avionics is essential to a reliable and efficient operation. A significant benefit for operations; these cost control tools provide an added measure of security for your investment and take some of the uncertainty out of your aircraft budget since they cover most aspects of maintenance and repair costs.  The Virtual DOM can help you filter thru the myriad of provider options to chose the right package(s) for you.  

Records Management


Properly maintained aircraft records provide a critical function in aviation maintenance and safety of flight.  Incomplete or missing records will also greatly impact the value and ability to sell an aircraft.  Good maintenance records don’t have to be complicated but do need to be properly maintained and accurate to be of value.  The Virtual DOM can manage your records in their entirety or tailor our service to meet your individual needs.  

Invoice Review

Concerned when reviewing and approving a maintenance invoice and question weather you fully understanding the scope of work performed? Ask yourself these questions:  Does the invoice amount differ from the quoted amount?  Do labor hours seem excessive?  Was labor billed at different rates?  Was overtime applied without approval?  Are parts significantly higher than expected?  These are routine areas of concern that can leave the company at a disadvantage if not reviewed by a knowledgeable representative.  The reality is there’s usually several thousands of dollars of excess billing that is easily removed.  Protect yourself and your principal’s financials.


A clear picture with a well laid out plan, provides a stable and somewhat predictable maintenance budget.  Planning for future expenses is a unique skill.  It’s an approximate science only possible through experience and historical averages.  The variables are tremendous and can be greatly affected by aircraft age, OEM changes, operating climates and flight utilization.

Let The Virtual DOM provide you with a 2 - 4 year maintenance projection and provide an overview of what can be anticipated and make suggestions on your options. 

Spec. Review

If your thinking of adding an aircraft to your fleet, keep in mind not all aircraft are created equal.  Sometimes a quick spot check is required before proceeding.  The Virtual DOM can assist you in making an informed decision and vetting out the litany of issues and worries you may have through visual assessments of paint & interior quality, condition of records & CMP status, confirm equipment list and spec sheet is as advertised.

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