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When it comes to aircraft maintenance, The Virtual DOM's goal is to relieve the burden from you to allow you to focus on your own areas of expertise.  We all employ a frame of reference in our thoughts and decision making process which can be a limiting factor.  These limits are the result of our perceptions, knowledge base and experiences.  The basis for making quality decisions and having a successful action plan is knowing these limitations exist and therefore enlisting the help of your support network. 


The Virtual DOM will tailor these services to meet your specific needs, no matter if a project is relatively small and simple or large and complex, it can be structured and managed from inception to completion. The Virtual DOM will help plan, prioritize and allocate the resources necessary to ultimately get your aircraft back in the air with the least incurred costs; as quickly as possible.    These services are also designed to augment an existing maintenance staff when necessary.



  • Discrepancy Evaluation

  • MEL/Ferry Flight Options

  • Coordinate with repair facility

  • Work with OEM/Tech Ops

  • Hands-On Support

  • Parts Procurement



  • Completions

  • Pre-Purchase Evaluation

  • Entry Into Service

  • Project Management

  • Major Inspections

  • Engine Mid-LIfe/Overhaul

  • Service Contracts

  • Records Management

  • Budgeting

  • Cost Analysis

  • Invoice Review

  • Specification Review

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